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Your business can become a sponsor of the Podcasts heard (and shared on other Podcast Platforms) on The Cowlitz Podcast Network.  Advertising with The Cowlitz Podcast Network is extremely easy and very cost effective.

For a small monthly fee, you'll receive the following:

1)   A :30 Second Commercial in Podcasts produced by The Cowlitz Podcast Network.  Your commercials are produced for free and can be voiced by you, or one of our local voice talents.  We can also help you create your campaign and write your scripts, all at no extra charge.

2)  :30 Second Commercials heard on Hometeam 100.7, KLOG, Cookin' Country 105.5, KUKN and 101.5 The Blitz.  To reach the biggest possible audience, your commercial will equally rotate throughout the day on all three stations. 

3)  Business name branding mentions on KLOG Cookin' Country and 101.5, The Blitz promoting your business as a sponsor of the Podcasts on the Cowlitz Podcast Network.

4)  Business logo featured on the Podcast Page at

To learn more, please call at 360-636-0110 or email us at

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