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About Podcasting


It's your show... Sell ads on your show as your audience grows!


Reach of your podcast is Powered by the #1 Radio Group in SW Washington

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A studio built by pros that sounds great. 


Let's face it, Podcasting is fun and it's all the rage.  Chances are, someone you know has listened to a Podcast in the last week.  Why not have them listen to your Podcast on The Cowlitz Podcast Network?


The Cowlitz Podcast Network is this areas first and only complete Podcast Network.  

Whether you're a local non-profit, expert in your field or just have a great idea for a Podcast, we've got a top of the line studio that you can rent, complete with multiple mics, editing software and production music library. 

Once your Podcast is complete, we'll use the massive reach and marketing arm of KLOG, Cookin' Country, 101.5 The Wave and Digital Advertising to market your Podcast to tens of thousands of potential listeners.  You can even sell ads to run within your own show and keep the revenue.

*All Podcasters must sign an agreement form and be cleared to use the equipment, but that's the easy part.  The hard part is coming up with a great Podcast idea that people will love... but we know you can do it!

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